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1938 Flight of the Rodina

1938 Moscow:  Marina Raskova, Valentina Grizodubova, and Paulina Ossipenko board their Soviet aircraft, the Rodina, to embark upon what many believe to be a suicide mission.   Stalin wanted to prove to the world Soviet superiority.  The three female pilots blaze new trails in the Siberian skies, a flight on par with Lindbergh's Atlantic crossing. 

The Night Witches


Marina Raskova convinces Stalin to allow her to form the first all-women air combat regiment who serve as bomber and fighter pilots in WWII to help defend the Motherland against Hitler's surprise attack. These regiments include the elite Night Witches so dubbed by the German troops they attack.  


Bridge of Wings

From Nashville across the North Atlantic, over the fjords and glaciers of Greenland,  Nikki Mitchell and Rhonda Miles land in Moscow  in their single engine aircraft to a media blitz.  They are joined by two Russian pilots, Khalide Makagonova and Natalia Vinokourova,  and fly wing-to-wing retracing the 1938 Flight of the Rodina across Siberia. Every day is a brand new flight with celebrations and perilous adventures. Forty-nine days and 15, 000 miles later, Nikki and Rhonda land back in Nashville fulfilling a dream that brings two countries together to shine a light on heroic women pioneers of aviation's past.  

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