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48 minutes / 2024 / Color

Produced & Directed: Terrie Lawrence and Adair Kaiser

Executive Producer: Rhonda Miles
Original Musical Score: Barny Robertson
Editor: Tim Moore

From Nashville across the North Atlantic, over the fjords and glaciers of Greenland, Nikki Mitchell and Rhonda Miles land in Moscow in their single engine aircraft to a media blitz. They are joined by two Russian pilots, Khalide Makagonova and Natalia Vinokourova, and fly wing-to-wing retracing the 1938 Flight of the Rodina across Siberia. Every day is a brand new flight with celebrations and perilous adventures. Forty-nine days and 15,000 miles later, Nikki and Rhonda land back in Nashville fulfilling a dream that brings two countries together to shine a light on heroic women pioneers of aviation's past.

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